Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Zi Shyuan

Our very first experience on maternity & baby shoot
very glad that vivien and her husband for trusting us tho we have zero experience on this!
They are super supportive, they brought all the toys, clothes and accessories along for the shooting

our photographer, shu wan came out with this idea! how sweet right?
i remember a client told us they want a female photographer because they see things differently 
more intimate, emotional and details~
which I couldn't agree more about this statement! 
Can you imagine daddy tummy is as big as mummy's baby bump?
see! amazing right?
This set of photos are taken in our studio 
we have 3 different set of concept for them

and this is my favorite!


and 2 months later
Baby Shyuan is here~
she is such a beautiful princess
i always amaze with God's creation how a women got pregnant, give birth,breastfeed!
she must be dreaming of something really good! she way smiling while having her nap at our not-so-comfortable basket.. 


Hope OWT can more chance to shoot more beautiful baby in the future 
Check out full album here

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