Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tell your own stories!

"What are so unique about their photo-shooting concept?..."

"How are they different comparing to others?..."

Thinking that most of the people used to wonder about these questions previously
Yet this post is gonna to reveal the answers for all our readers!

Why is ONE WAY TICKET different?It is because....

Our very basic concept, we will try to blend in the couples' story into their photo-shoot!

From the pictures, guess you guys roughly know what brings the lovely couple, Jeffrey and Yee Pam together along their relationship!
Reading is the couple's common hobby, that's why we decided to put up the setting at a study area which they are surrounded with tons of books!

and here, Evan loves to play songs with his guitar to her wife, Rachel.

Does the situation in the picture above look close/ familiar to you guys?
The gadget couple, Eugene and Foong Yee where they usually spend most of their time with the computers! 

We will also use some of the memories which are meaningful or impressive to the couples 
as the concept of their photo-shooting!

For instance, you can see the way that Yee Pinn proposed to Geraldine, ain't sweet and surprising!

Emphasis on the couples' own character/role in their life is also what we aim for!

We're sure that you guys have the idea of who are them!
As we know, like Timothy (‎)and Audrey (, in their real life, they both are famous celebrity bloggers.

Most if not often, we also set up the customized wedding theme to fit into the photo-shoot!

For example like what you can seen from the sweet couple, Wei Han and Kai Woon.
Their wedding color are yellow, grey and white

One of their favourite photo is being chosen to be printed on their wedding invitation card too!
so your wedding themes are consistent in all your wedding elements! 

"One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words"

We aim to achieve the main goal of visualization which bring the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image! That's the main reason why people are taking photos around as to capture every single moment that is worth to be memorized or being recalled.
Sometimes, we could realize that the families, relatives and friends or even strangers are managed to sense and roughly know how the couples get along when they browse through their photo series, as the couples in the photos represent themselves!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Zi Shyuan

Our very first experience on maternity & baby shoot
very glad that vivien and her husband for trusting us tho we have zero experience on this!
They are super supportive, they brought all the toys, clothes and accessories along for the shooting

our photographer, shu wan came out with this idea! how sweet right?
i remember a client told us they want a female photographer because they see things differently 
more intimate, emotional and details~
which I couldn't agree more about this statement! 
Can you imagine daddy tummy is as big as mummy's baby bump?
see! amazing right?
This set of photos are taken in our studio 
we have 3 different set of concept for them

and this is my favorite!


and 2 months later
Baby Shyuan is here~
she is such a beautiful princess
i always amaze with God's creation how a women got pregnant, give birth,breastfeed!
she must be dreaming of something really good! she way smiling while having her nap at our not-so-comfortable basket.. 


Hope OWT can more chance to shoot more beautiful baby in the future 
Check out full album here

Monday, May 20, 2013

OWT 2013 Favorite Couple Like & Vote Contest

This is the first contest by OWT - Favorite Couple Like & Vote Contest.

Thanks to all our contestants, thanks for the hard work and effort.
We were very touched by their love story.

After two weeks of voting, we have our winner - Ketty & Vector! Congrats!
经过两个星期的投选后,我们有了优胜者。恭喜Ketty & Vector!

Vector and me is marching to 6th years of courtship this year. We started on year 2007, 8th August at Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu. That was a really sweet start and the day we will never forget. He brought Jesus into my life, the best gift ever from him! Along the courtship we always keep this bible verse (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) in mind to keep our relationship stronger day by day, also with good communication and prayers. I love his humor, caring, silliness, loving character and more! Until today, the love bank of us are still increasing because we make effort to keep our relationship warm. I believe he is the only one, my only one.

We wish we can win this concept photography package to keep our love and sweet memory forever because they say pictures worth a thousand words. What more is from OTW, the pictures are worth more than a thousand words!

We would like to thank all the voters as well, secret gifts will be given to selected lucky voters that chosen by us randomly~ 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

B&W Cupboards 黑白橱

We went to this furniture shop that is having member sales! 
and we are eyeing on these 2 cabinet in black and white which having crazy 70% discount! 
看中了两个橱 (一黑一白),竟然有70%的折扣,疯了。

So we happily brought the cabinet, but the problem is the transportation! we drove Myvi there that day, how are we gonna move it back! since we wish to save on the delivery so we just go ahead and try whether it fit in the car.. and miracle happen! we manage to fit the cabinet in! 
很开心的买了橱后,问题来了。我们是驾Myvi来的,怎样搬回去呢? 又想省钱,不想叫他们帮忙搬运。

The hardest part is to carry it all the way up to our office in forth floor without lift! 

Is really nice and vintage when we deco it with some simple props!

*Please bear with our broken english, we are trying our best to improve... =)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Way Studio X Foruchizu

One Way Studio, another project by One Way Ticket. We provide photography services.
One Way Studio是我们的另外一个project。

We collaborate with Foruchizu this round!
Foruchizu is own by the very popular celebrity blogger Cheesie & Audrey! So glad to have them as our first client!
这间blogshop创办人是在大马blog界很红的两位女生: Cheesie & Audrey
欢迎她们成为One Way Ticket新studio的第一位顾客。

We did a video for behind the scenes
我们有拍了一小段的behind the scenes影片

Enquiry more if you wish to a creative photoshoot session with us! 
One Way Studio Email:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Renovation "Look" 装修佬样

We took some photos when we were doing the renovation for our workplace.
One week of renovation was an uneasy job, but we are quite satisfied with the outcome.

Clap Clap. 为自己拍个小手。
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