Tuesday, May 7, 2013

B&W Cupboards 黑白橱

We went to this furniture shop that is having member sales! 
and we are eyeing on these 2 cabinet in black and white which having crazy 70% discount! 
看中了两个橱 (一黑一白),竟然有70%的折扣,疯了。

So we happily brought the cabinet, but the problem is the transportation! we drove Myvi there that day, how are we gonna move it back! since we wish to save on the delivery so we just go ahead and try whether it fit in the car.. and miracle happen! we manage to fit the cabinet in! 
很开心的买了橱后,问题来了。我们是驾Myvi来的,怎样搬回去呢? 又想省钱,不想叫他们帮忙搬运。

The hardest part is to carry it all the way up to our office in forth floor without lift! 

Is really nice and vintage when we deco it with some simple props!

*Please bear with our broken english, we are trying our best to improve... =)

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