Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Workplace 工作室

Once we have decided to set up this company together, without a second thought, we started to seek for a workplace. Fortunately, our inspector, Kim managed to find an ideal workplace with the help of a helpful agent.
决定一起搞东西后,我们立刻找工作室。地点是Puchong KL。很幸运的Kim找到了一位不错的Agent,很快的就找到了适合我们的店屋。

After we signed the contract, the most frustrating part was the setup and the decoration of our studio. This was urgent because we already received a photo-shoot project which was scheduled to take place one week after we moved in. We had to finish the chores, complete the setup and everything within 1 week. We were working in the new studio from dusk to dawn, literally, during that period.

Wall painting was our very first step. In the beginning, we thought we were able to finish painting the whole studio by ourselves. However, we gave up after a day and hired a professional painter to do the job for us. Even though it cost us RM900, the painting job was completed in 2 days!
入口的线条墙,是我们自己油的,因为油漆佬讲太麻烦,要加钱才肯油。谢谢Kim老弟的帮忙,也谢谢油漆佬提醒我们要用Apollo Masking Tape才不会掉漆。

自已油的,很不均匀,还弄到全身是白漆 By ourselves

专业油漆佬的作品 By professional painter

自己弄的线条墙 Striped wall, we did it ourselves

Next task was to do the wiring! We found a man who was willing to fulfill all of our weird requests. It only took him 2 days and cost us RM950.

We also hired Kim's mum's staff to grind the floor, as the former tenant actually carpeted the whole unit. The ugly glue stain was everywhere after the carpet was removed! The poor Indonesian guy took 2 days to finish the task. He almost gave up at one point, so we immediately topped up his wage by RM500!

On top of all of these tasks, we also installed 3 air-conditions which cost RM4000, and spent another RM1100 for window grill.

After a week of hectic yet simple renovation, we managed to start working on our first project.

开工啦! Our very first project in the new workplace

Thanks to everyone who visited us during our renovation period... and thanks for all the support!

We are waiting for you arrival!
OWT Studio
12-2, Jalan OP1/5, One Puchong, 47160, Puchong, Selangor.

*Please bear with our broken english, we are trying our best to improve... =)
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