Monday, April 8, 2013

The Departure 出发

Let's us start with the beginning of our journey, we have been met up occasionally and discussed about starting up our own company for quite some time. We always used to have mix feeling to initiate the first step towards this journey, especially in the case that we do not have enough funds to set up a small company even though after working for 4-5 years in our professions respectively.

Here's the simple brief of our crew:
Four of us are graduated from MMU faculty of Creative Multimedia. Yet, our house's unit number is 711 when we move out together during the second year. From that time onwards, we named ourselves as "SEVEN ELEVEN". After graduation, one of us become freelancer, blogger and and doing online boutique business, some has become professional photographer, an animator and yet there's the one who joined local radio station as a DJ.
我们都在多媒体大学 (MMU) 念多媒体设计。大学二年级时搬在一起住, 门牌刚好是7-11, 所以我们家就叫Seven Eleven。大学毕业后,有人跑去当Freelancer, Blogger, 卖衣服,有人当上摄影师,有人成为了小动画师,有人跑到电台每天乱聊天。
自称为检票员, Inspector 

I bet everyone happened to have this kind of feeling. When one feels like losing his/her enthusiasm towards life, or maybe work like a dead zombie everyday, these symptoms indirectly show that the one has started to lose the passion towards his/her job. At this moment, one will start to think whether it's the time to consider to step out of the comfort zone and do something that you really passionate about! That's when we started to plan...

There's too many stuffs that we wish we could do! However, at the end, we decided to work for those we really have the most passion in them such that those projects mainly related to design, wedding, beautify life and fashion stuff.


Our company: One Way Ticket.
Since everyday is a one-way ticket, which means that there will be no chance for us to rewind or to press on replay button like what it works for computers, thus why not we try our very best to live with every beautiful moment! You Only Live Once.
小公司取名为One Way Ticket,单程票。既然每一天都是单程票,不能重来,我们更要尽力让当下过得更完美。You Only Live Once。

Although we are assure how far this one-way-ticket can lead us to, but at least we have made our very first step here!
So, come purchase a ticket from us and join us! And let's depart!
这张单程票可以让我们走多远? 不知道。至少启程了。欢迎你也买张票,加入我们。

Lastly, we would love to share this inspiring video with you which inspired us a lot!

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